We provide a variety of courses to ensure students to achieve success in academic and personal development goals.


Our Course Offerings

Literature Reading

20 week classes

This course is for Grade 3 – 12 students to develop the critical skills in English literary analysis and

critical thinking as preparation for further study of literature and creative writing. Students will guided by the instructor to analyze English literature books in terms of cultural context, plot, setting, theme, characters, point of view, tone and style. Also, vocabulary and writing strategies will be introduced in each lesson.
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Creative Writing

20 week classes

This course has been designed for Grade 4-9 students to improve their ability to create writing ideas

and develop essential skills of various types of writing. Students will focus on how to write various types of paragraphs, how to organize writing ideas and how to write a five-paragraph essay through the five stages of the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing&proofreading and publishing.
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Communication Enhancement


This course has been created for Grade 4-8 students who want to 

develop English fluency in terms of listening and speaking. Students will expand their English vocabulary and improve communication skills in a variety of everyday life scenes. In each lesson, students will read and discuss one short text, listen to a dialogue, learn vocabulary and describe a picture.
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Critical Thinking


In this course, students will learn how to develop critical thinking skill to help them achieve academic

success in schools. After completing this course, students will be able to use critical thinking and argumentation in the school environment to improve their academic performance, use a variety of thinking tools to develop critical thinking and apply critical thinking and argumentation to real-world problems and issues.
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Develop Language Proficiency

We offer a variety of languages courses to help international students improve their language skills, such as English Literature Reading , Creative Writing and English Communication Enhancement.

Bridge International High School Study

The High school Prep Program is a solid program to help international students prepare for their international study. Students will learn how to understand course syllabus and rubrics, how to prepare a presentation or group assignment. etc.

Develop Essential Skills

We offer Public Speaking Program, Debate Program and Smart Money For Kids to develop student’s confidence, self-esteem and leadership ability.

Earn High School Credits

Whether to enrich, repeat or earn the high school credits, students can take the credit courses in Sloan Academy and let these credits to be one part of their school transcripts. 

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  • One on One
  • One on Six
  • One on One Virtual Class

On-site Instruction

  • One on One
  • Small Group Instruction

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